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Make] Projects 

hhiiilH ho/ 1 !/ tuMaal/ chare r\icf*f\\tat* 

build, hack, tweak, share, discover,- 


Written By: Duane Mackey 



small drill bit or crafting punch, scissors, 
hammer (1) 

2 small rivets, thin cardboard, paper, 
glue.glue or (1) 

Thin cardboard can be replaced with 
other, similar material 


I design home additions. Knowing the pitch of a roof is a critical step in designing an addition 
or estimating roof areas for shingles, insulation and ventilation requirements. Figuring the 
roof area is a lot easier and safer with this tool. 

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Step 1 — RoofGuessEstimator 

• This is a unique and simple tool 
that makes estimating roof areas 
and roof pitch easy and safe. 

• Glue to card stock, drill or punch 
holes and fasten together with 
small rivets or screw post binders 
from the hardware store. 

Step 2 

duano's RoofGuessEstimator 

RoofG uessEsti mator 

20 19 IS 17 IS 15 14 13 15 11 10 9 

7 6 5 4 3 2| 

UrigM mm* Roof pin* factw 

■r-^> n — i 

[| vwcim h | | lmhuh | [ 



.:.-.:=: Sis 8 la si is ip 

Roof G uessEsti mato r 

20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 & 4 3 2 1^ 

L*9fi x wttK Rwl pitch factor* ^^ 



■ * i 1* 

Print and glue ihis page to stiff 
posterboard or thin stiff cardboard, 
laser prinl for durability, protect ink 
iel prints with a clear tape 
overlay, A rolary trimmer cuts best 

drill or pyiKh accuse- holes wed for 
small vft/tts or rivets or screw post binders. 

fasten together with washer/ 

To use: Hold the RoofGu&ssEslimalor level and slide ina free end 

the roof . Tba corresponding number in the sight window (on ihe fm 

the roof. 

To detenmina rool area: 

Simply (Multiply) Ihe measured Length by Ihe Width uf Ihe hotis* 

* the roof wertiangs) = HOW HOUSE area in sq ft ftn 

Multiply Ihis (House) foot prinl ar&a (mm) by Ihe corresponding Pit 

• Download and print out the PDF 

• [ 
id=0B0kie4y... | 

© Make Projects 

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Step 3 

• OK, if you really would like to give 
this and want to make it as good 
and durable as possible, go to a 
copy center like Staples or 
OfficeMax and have it printed in 
color on No-Tear paper. It really is 
the best; it costs about $1 .50 and 
is worth every penny. Also try to 
find some thin vinyl (re-purposed) 
rather than card stock for the 
backing material. I have not tried it 
yet but hot laminating with 5 or 10 
mil and cutting it at the copy center 
would work nicely, I think. 

Print out the PDF, Glue to card stock, drill or punch holes, fasten together with small rivets or 
screw post binders from the hardware store 

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